Stylish life hack for pencil grip


My oldest son has low muscle tone, aka dyspraxia, or developmental coordination disorder. Writing this past year in first grade was very frustrating. Gripping small items, tying shoe laces, and other tasks that require fine motor skills have always been an issue for him. Now that he’s home for the summer mommy day camp has begun. I have been trying to find ways to help him with this and other skills and this morning I saw a picture of a child holding a pencil with a rubber band twisted on it and attached to the child’s wrist. I tried this with my son and while it helped with grip it was very uncomfortable. He also had trouble setting the rubber band up himself when he lost grip. My son loves making rainbow loom bracelets, and had a bunch of them on the desk. I put the bracelet on him and put the pencil in the last bracelet rubber band and then had him try it out. It was perfect. Not only was it exactly the right size, he could easily stick the pencil or any other writing tool back in next time he needs to. No twisting needed like with a regular rubber band. My son now has a helpful gripper anywhere he goes and a stylish one too!

Make a one layer loom bracelet the right size for the child.
Put the clip on the first and last band to join them.
Put the bracelet on with the clip on top of the wrist.
Insert the pencil in the last band that is closest to the thumb.
Write, draw, color and enjoy!

Here’s to A Healthy U, and your children!


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