Quick and Easy Sauerkraut


I went to a sauerkraut party today. The ladies and I pounded away at shredded cabbage. It was fun and I left without making my own kraut, intending to make it at home. The evening came and went and I’m left with cabbage that needs to be kraut-ed, so I opted for the quick and easy way.

1-shred a head of cabbage, a food process with a silver works fast.
2-put in a glass jar
3-add enough salt water to cover the cabbage (for one small head of cabbage about 1-2 tablespoon of salt is enough).
4-put a full piece of cabbage on the top and press down so it’s submerged in water.
5-put on lid loosely or cover with a tea towel or paper towel and secure with rubber band, so no bugs or dirt gets in. You want it to get some air. The water will rise as the salt pulls out the liquid from the cabbage.
6-put on counter for 3 days, press down the cabbage as needed 1-2 times a day, to keep submerged in water
7-transfer to fridge, it will continue to ferment
8-check in a week, usually takes 2 weeks however it can take up to a month depending on weather and how cold your fridge is.
9-eat when reaches desired taste.

This technique tends to make the sauerkraut a little more crunchy yet still ferments.

I have 2 other techniques that produce sauerkraut faster. I will share those in another post.

Happy Kraut-ing!

Some future posts to look forward to:
-Is colored natural salt healthy? What I found out about sea salt and heavy metals.
-kombucha, how to make scobys and this fizzy health drink
-bye bye PMS! Hello kombucha


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