Elegant nature inspired diaper cake

An elegant beach/nature inspired diaper cake.

I believe creative expression is a vital part of being “A-Healhty-You”, which I why I love sharing my food and craft creations on my blog.

My friend Erica helped me put this masterpiece together, I have to say it is amazing. We put in lots of little details. The diaper cake was made for our friend who is pregnant with twin girls. When shopping I wanted to make sure to get 2 animals. Typically I buy some sort of animal toy, so the baby(ies) can use them, but when I saw these hummingbirds I just knew they had to be on the cake. I then found matching flowers. My friend loves the ocean and scuba diving so sea shells, a pair of scuba slippers (yellow on the bottom) and lots of little ocean/beach inspired touches are all over. The top features the 2 hummingbirds in a nest, there is a glitter heart in between them, drawn inside the nest. The glitter tool was a perfect was to make the burlap more elegant, and the foam nautical stickers as well. Inside I hid lots of organic nursery supplies.

This is about the 6th diaper cake I’ve made, they have all been beautiful and fun, but this one takes the cake! I’m going to be making another one soon and already have purchased the supplies, I love making these so much that it’s hard to wait, and yet if I make it now my boys, who really enjoyed pre-decoration the cake, would surely redesign it a few times.

Happy creating to U!

Photo by my husband Chris Bain


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