Lemon Hair and Body Wash DIY Homemade


A guide to the no “poo” method using Lemons.  This wash is great for the hair and body, a great homemade natural cleaner, that leaves your hair and body clean and soft.

15 years ago I let go of all chemicals and un-natural products in my house.  My journey began to find the best ways of replacing those products with something natural.  For many years I used organic shampoos, considered to be more natural.  Looking at the list of ingredients it was better than anything I used before, but I knew I could figure out a way to use something simple from nature to clean my hair.

12 years ago I decided to stop using shampoo and conditioner all together.  It took about 2-3 weeks for my body to stop over-producing oil on my scalp.  When we use shampoo the dirt and oils get stripped out of our hair.  Then we have to use conditioner to add some oil back in.  This is why for many, hair has to be styled after washing, or we need to add some type of product to it, as it tends to get frizzy.

I have a good friend, living in Florida, with dread locks that used aloe on his hair, it was always so soft.  This got me thinking, nature is perfect, something in nature could work on my hair too.  I was living in California and aloe was very expensive, but lemons I could pick off a neighbors tree.  What’s better than free?!  So I gave it a try.  And the results amazed me.  My hair became more healthy than it had ever before.  I no longer had to style it after every washing.  I also greatly reduced how much I washed my hair, as I used to wash it daily. With the lemon method I would wash only when needed, which in the beginning was about every other day.  Today I was once a week, and some times only once a month.  Yes I know that sounds gross, but my hair looks amazing.  On a few rare occasions I have used shampoo.  I instantly regret the shampooing because my hair becomes very frizzy, so I put coconut  oil in it to tame it down and then wash it with lemon or conditioner (when I’m too lazy to make the lemon – hey I’m a mom with 2 young kids now, I don’t always have the time to eat breakfast, let alone pamper myself with my lemon wash).  Lol

The lemon wash method:

1 lemon – cut into wedges (or small enough that it will blend easy in your blender)  For a vitamix you can leave it whole.

2 cups of water

Blend until smooth.

Take a flour sack towel, nut milk bag, kitchen towel, cloth hankie or any towel that is thin enough to strain the liquid but thick enough to hold in the pulp.

Ball up the pulp in the middle of the towel, and tie it tight with a rubber band just above the ball.

Bring the container of liquid and the towel with the pulp to the shower or sink.

Dip your hair in the liquid, using the ball end of the towel, dip it into the liquid and then apply it to your hair and body.  Add more water if needed before running out.  Whatever is left over just pour over your scalp.  Brush your hair with a shower comb (optional), while rinsing.  Towel or air dry.

That’s it!

When I was drinking kombucha I would but some scoby and liquid into this mix.  It didn’t change the results, but I had so many scobys that I needed to do something with them.

As mentioned above, it can take a few weeks for your hair to not be oily, especially if your eating oil, high fat foods (including all animal products).

Let me know what you think of this method, if you’ve tried it, and if it works for you.

Also check out my post on using lemon for deodorant.  


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