Cleaning a non stick surface without scratching it

The quickest and easiest way to clean a non stick surface without scratching it.  The cuisinart griddler has recently come back into my life.  I sold the last one when we made our kitchen kosher.  The exciting part about this new griddler is the waffle plates.  The challenge of cleaning the non-stick surfaces is not scratching them. This same method can be applied to any non-stick surface, like ceramic coated pans.


Unplug if it’s a electric maker.

When the surface is still hot take a thick cotton dish cloth.  Be sure it’s only cotton, not microfiber or any other material.  80%cotton 20% polyester, this washcloth from Amazon is perfect.  

Wet the dish cloth until dripping, fold it so u have 4 few layers.  If it’s thick you can carefully do this by hand or with an oven mit.  If not or to be safer use silicon tongs, or metal tongs but with great care.

Rub the wet cloth into the surface a few times and then wash the cloth.  Repeat until surface is clean.  In panini or waffle makers you will need to put extra pressure in the ridges.  It should come clean in 2-4 passes if what you made doesn’t contain oil or a high fat food, they are stickier and harder to clean.  Oils and fats will take another pass or two.


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