Grilled okra

A simple way to make okra.

I scored a huge bag of okra for $1.25 and have been making okra many ways.  This is the easiest and tasty. Okra tomato stew (okra baked in tomato sauce) has the least amount of sliminess.  This method reduces it, however there will still be moisture and some slimy texture.

Preheat grill plate or griddle to high.

Wash okra, cut off ends. Cut in half long ways.  Fridge fresh lemon juice on it. 

Cook with inside facing down, until the okra is brown on that side.  If you have a grill plate that closes be sure to leave it open to dry up the liquid inside. You can serve it this way or…

Flip and cook until brown on the outside. This will give a little bit of a crisp to it.


I’ve read that coating them in aquafaba will reduce the slimy texture even more.  I personally don’t mind that texture, but will be trying that method.


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