Lentil stew, wfpb

Lentil stew is one meal that my whole family loves.  It’s a party pleaser too.  If your looking for a one pot healthy meal you found it.

Lentil stew recipe


Dried Red Split Lentils

Tomato paste





Vidalia Onion

Dill weed



Relaxing tea mix (my secret weapon)

Yukon gold potatoes




I do not cook with salt, instead to keep the sodium down I only add salt before I eat my food.

I love eating this over a salad, no dressing needed with a delicious stew.  I also like to put frozen spinach in before serving, and frozen peas.  It cools it down for my children and adds more veggies.

For a thick stew cook chopped potatoes in it, for a soup consistency cook the potatoes separately.

Some recipes I will give exact amounts and directions, others just ingredients. Many of my recipes will be in my cookbook, however I like to keep some up to you and your taste.  I like to feel what to put in my food, it always comes out better this way.  Not giving you the exact recipe gives you the opportunity to do the same.


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