Potato chips, vegan, oil free

Don’t have a microwave potato chip maker?  You don’t need one with this method.

I have been seeing lots of posts on the Facebook McDougall group about a microwave potato chip maker.  It looks so cool but I honestly haven’t used a microwave in over 15 years and while the thought of having McDougall compliant potato chips was temping, I new I could figure out a way. Thanks to my cuisinart griddler I did. This method is not fast and my family ate up the chips as quickly as I could make them.  For me it was worth the effort. This is a treat for my family, I don’t want my young children getting used to eating healthy versions of junk food on a regular basis.  Ok enough of my rambling, here is how you make it.

Take a raw potato

Slice it paper thin, or as thin as you can with what tools you have.  I use this mandoline but even a slicer on the side of a box grater, or a slicing disc in a food processor will do. They are thicker slices usually so it will take a little longer to cook.

Put the sliced potato in cold water to keep them from browning.  A light sprinkle of salt will help as well and will make the flavor more enhanced, however if you follow Dr. John McDougall’s advice you may want to keep the salt for after you cook the potatoes.

Heat a cuisinart griddler at high using the flat plates. Using silicon tongs flip the potato when the bottom starts to dry.  Flip again when the side facing down starts to crisp.  Keep flipping every few minutes or as needed to get the potato chip crisp on each side.  

 If you don’t have a griddler you can use any non stick flat surface or bake them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat, however keep a close eye on them, they can burn easily in the oven.   If cooking in the oven keep the light on while its cooking to keep a very close eye on it.  If needed you use a pizza screen when the chip stars to dry and not stick. 

If you didn’t put salt in the water or if the chip needs it.  Powder salt by blending it in a blender until it becomes powder. This allows for the salt to stick to dry surfaces better, great idea for air popped popcorn.

This method works for sweet potatoes as well.


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