Popcorn chicken bites, vegan oil free, low fat

Popcorn chicken bites, vegan oil free, low fat

I still can’t believe this amazing recipe is so healthy! McDougall lovers prepare for a game changer!

After learning about aquafaba I have become a little obsessed, researching all I can find about this magic ingredient. I made my first batch of beans this morning and the bean water was ready for an adventurous dinner.  

I made no-oil fried cauliflower (chicken), portobello, okra and potatoes.  All came out amazing. I learned a few things in the process on how to properly use aquafaba for breading.  Since there is no frying or oil involved the only crunch factor has to come from the breading, which gets baked. The basic lineup is flour first, then aquafaba then ground up corn flakes.  This exact order works perfectly.  But beware when the corn flakes get soft from the aquafaba or trying to change this order not only will it result in a big mess, the end product will be soft too.

Popcorn chicken bites:

Cauliflower, broken into bit sized pieces Note: any vegetables can be used in this recipe, cauliflower has the closest consistency to chicken or calamari. 

Flour of choice, whole wheat, oat, almond or brown rice work very well. Put into a bowl or deep dish. I used white whole wheat flour.  

Aquafaba: water left over after cooking beans, or in canned beans, garbanzo beans seem to work best in this type of recipe but any bean water can be used.  Place in a bowl or deep dish.  Option: Can be mixed with lemon if you want a lemon flavor.

Corn flake cereal, I use the organic trader joes brand, use a blender to crush into fine pieces.  Place in a bowl or deep dish. Option: can be mixed with seasonings of your choice. It’s best to leave the salt out and only salt this at the table.


Use about one cup of the flour and corn flakes at a time. Refill as needed, this will help keep it from getting too moist, which will result in the final product being too soft and gummy.

Preheat oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit 

Towel dry the vegetables if needed

Dip into flour and completely cover

Dip into aquafaba and completely cover

Coat with corn flakes

Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicon baking mat.

Use spoons in each seperate ingredient if needed.

Once the baking sheet is full bake for 20-30 min.  The underside will start to lightly brown.

Serve with lemon juice to dip in.  

Serve with sauces and condiments of your choice. 

Lemon, salt and black pepper make a mock chicken or calamari

Cocktail or marinara sauce for calamari

Cover with sweet and sour or sesame ginger for a mock Asian chicken dish.

Possibilities are endless.

Some pics of the other veggie:

Breaded fries

Cauliflower and okra

Portabello, some I did just flour twice and found that didn’t work at all.  

Okra and Portabello 


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