Potatoes and Gravy: Leftovers Lunch

This meal was inspired by whatever I had in my fridge.  It was simple to put it together and heat up in a few minutes.


Chopped boiled potatoes

Fried okra (directions in my last post)

Aquafaba (liquid leftover from cooking chickpeas, or in canned chickpeas)

ketchup (really it’s what was on a half eaten potato that I threw in)

Bragg Organic Seasoning, 24 herbs and spices no salt

Mix all in a pan and heat.  

Serve hot with fresh tomatoes.

This would have been great with salad greens, I just wasn’t up for washing them.  I do know what’s for dinner tonight though!  

I was shocked that my son insisted on trying it.  He didn’t have any okra in his bowl, but he ate a whole bowl full!  He’s been surprising me lately with his more adventurous palate. We’ve seen such changes in his this past few months with our new McDougall way of eating!

Some recipes I’m working on, challah, tu-NO fish salad, French macarons, marangue.  All whole food plant based, no oil and of course, vegan!

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