Tuna fish, tuNO fish, low fat vegan

Oh the childhood memories of tuna fish sandwiches.  Summer family BBQs, days at the beach and quick snacks always available in my house growing up.  

The memories stay with me but the desire for those foods is long gone.  I threw together this recipe yesterday as I was preparing a quick lunch for myself.  My son took one bite and insisted on having a a matzoh sandwich.  

Vegan Tuna Fish or TuNO fish 

Garbanzo beans (aka chick peas) cooked and mashed with a fork


Diced celery

Diced tomatoes

Optional: Bragg sea kelp delight seasoning (for extra fishy flavor)

Optional: mashed avocado (not for McDougall Max weight loss program)

I ate mine warm in a bowl with a dash of salt without avaocado
My son ate his chilled on whole wheat matzoh

I’m working on a vegan no oil, low fat mayo, once perfected I will be adding it to this recipe. 


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