Restaurant review: Saki Endless Sushi & Hibachi Eatery, Clearwater FL

Eating out eating when committed to a whole foods plant based lifestyle can be challenging.  I have decided to start sharing my experiences of places I have eaten at.

Saki is an all your can eat sushi and hibachi restaurant in Clearwater Florida.  

We ordered to go during lunchtime which I now realize it would have been cheaper to eat at the restaurant during the lunch (more expensive for dinner), which is $11.99 per adult and $4.99 per child.  For 2 adults and 4 children we ordered 6 cucumber rolls and 6 avocado rolls for a total of $36.  The rolls are much smaller than what you get in a supermarket.  They say 6-8 pieces, we got exactly 6 pieces, and the actual size of the roll is very small.  So compared to what I would normally get, say in whole foods, one $3 roll at Saki is about half a $7 roll in whole foods. Still a better price but two rolls was not nearly enough for one person.  

The sushi itself was good.  The soy sauce and pickled ginger are not whole foods plant based, they have modified corn starch and food coloring.  Perhaps some people consider that to be ok, but I do not.

I would eat here again but next time eat in the restaurant for the lunch special, to ensure we get enough to eat.  

Menu items that are whole food plant based compliant:

  • Avocado sushi
  • Cucumber sushi
  • Asparagus sushi
  • Side of rice (note they only have white rice)

Possible compliant menu items (inquire further with the restaurant)

  • Avocado salad

Saki Sushi
Clearwater Mall, 2643 Gulf to Bay Blvd #1560, Clearwater, FL 33759


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