Carbs make you fat?!

I’ve heard this over and over again. When people hear that we have changed to a high carb low fat plant  based vegan diet many tell me that carbs make them fat.

When we did a 10 day potato diet, aka Mary’s mini, lots of people told me how potatoes make them fat!  What!  Potatoes!?!? My typical respouse is: I’ve been eating a starched based diet for 2 month and lost 30 pounds.  Then we discuss how carbs are typically eaten with sone thing high fat. Most Americans can’t imagine eating mashed potatoes without the dairy or butter. Or having fries cooked without oil.

When you stop and think about it, we have been eating a starched based diet for much of human history, pre industrial revolution and westernization societies thrived off starches, with very little animal products and oils, and certainly no processed foods like we have today. The more of these rich and processed foods we eat the fatter and sicker we become.

But what about protein? Is typical the next question.  Protein deficiency is so rare in our society. In fact health issues due to protein excess are the norm.  Besides how did we survive for so long before with such little animal protein in our diets? and those who ate these foods in abundance, kings and queens, became obese and sick.

Sorry my paleo and low carb high fat loving friends.  Take a good objective look at these, the paleo myth is just that.  We couldn’t sustain ourselves on such a diet back in those times, or even now for that matter. Low carb high fat means lots of animal protein.  And our planets land is already close to 50% use for livestock.  We just don’t have the space and resources for this type of eating to continue.  And in the Paleolithic times hunter gatherers couldn’t hunt the amount of animal foods one eats on a so called Paleo diet.  Most of the time they ate plant foods, having a meal of animal flesh was rare.  And eating oils at that time in history wasn’t even in existence.

Another thing to consider is corporations and industry.  Corporations are legally bound to make a profit.  Ethics don’t come in to play or they get sued by shareholders. Most of our food, even plant foods, are controlled by a hand full of corporations, who use many brand names.  They supply what the culture demands.  So we do have say in our food, we let them know what we want every time we shop.  However we are talking big business.  They have lots of money to lobby congress, sue the little guys who speak up, advertise, product place on tv and movies, fund research that will support what they sell, and so on.  If you think this is a far stretch, just think about the tobacco industry, they had big money, influence and hold.  Heck even doctors prescribed smoking to keep women from gaining weight during pregnancy.  Gee I wonder who funded that study?

Thanks to Dr. John McDougall and some really great documentaries, my eyes are wide open.  We are fully enjoying the benefits of a high carb plant based low fat diet.  We keep our food very simple, and go beyond how most people follow his program, we eat foods raw or minimally processed. It really is working for us.  This one time obese vegetarian is becoming lean and healthy!  I still have some more weight to lose and health to gain, and happy to be out of the obese category.

Many of my recipes from the past have oil in them. I honestly don’t have the time to go through them all, however from now on all my recipes will be McDougall compliant.

thanks for joining me on this next part our journey. When I get closer to goal weight, or on special occasions I will make some of the foods I used to, but without oil. And will share as I can.  In the meantime you can check out my Facebook page  Lori Loves Carbs

i have a YouTube channel with the same name, but only put up one video so far. Not sure if I will pursue that further or not.  I’m a busy momma, posting on Facebook is always the easiest.

In health!



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